About Us

The Chalfont St Peter Chamber of Commerce

With a long, continuous history of working for the traders of our village, the Chamber of Commerce underwent a relaunch in 2013 and now is going from strength to strength. Membership is on the increase and the number of local business people – not just from the village centre – volunteering to join the Chamber committee has also risen exponentially. As a result, we have been able to be a lot more active. The Chamber of Commerce represents the business community across the village providing ‘Community, Support and Promotion’ (CSP) to its members.

If you own or manage a local business in Chalfont St Peter, we would love to get to know you, so if we aren’t already in contact please drop us an email via our Contact Us page.  We won’t add you to our information feed without your permission, but if you are happy to be included (we never send circulars out more than a couple of times a month) then please let us know.

Or if you would like to go ahead and Join the Chamber, please click here for details of what you need to do.


We are proud to be the organisation that does these things:

  • Runs a seminar every quarter with presentations by Chamber members and opportunities for people in business to network in a sociable atmosphere
  • Provides the village centre street decorations – varied flags through the year and the Christmas lights. We also fund the creation and maintenance of them and do the work of putting them up and taking them down. There is no additional support from the council, this is entirely a Chamber run initiative – carried out by volunteers.
  • We own and run the new online business Chalfont St Peter directory Keep It Local csp.co.uk. In addition, regular work is carried out on promoting the village and its traders via specific initiatives, press releases and social media.
  • Provide new ways for businesses – not just members – to communicate via a traders-only Facebook and ‘What’s App’ messaging groups
  • Provide online resources and communication via CSP Chamber of Commerce, our open Facebook page and Twitter profile to keep the profile of the village and the business high. No other Chalfont St Peter related social media profiles are operated by us.
  • Encourage business to integrate, to work together and to support each other and do what is best for the village
  • Maintain strong links with important bodies such as the Parish, District and County Councils, local police, and the media. Recently we developed a strong and productive relationship with Persimmon Homes, developers of the Holy Cross site which helped keep up a crucial information flow and helped keep disruption to a minimum. It allowed us to keep members and other traders informed and was a way for us to influence the project building work
  • Work closely with the Chalfonts Community College especially on their work experience scheme and annual employability day

We are not the right organisation if you want to make contact regarding these things:

  • Pavements, roads, street lights, trees or planting, planning issues, noise, refuse collection, unruly children or pets, travellers, or business rates – but we can lobby and seek to influence if a problem occurs.  For these issues; contact Chiltern District Council
  • The hanging baskets.  We used to organise these, but it became too expensive to pay for them to be maintained through the summer the Parish Council now carry this responsibility
  • Feast Day or Christmas Fun Night, although we are involved in both, and contribute to the insurance for the latter.  Go to this website; www.feastofstpeter.org.uk
  • The works/behaviour of builders or developers.  For these issues; contact Chiltern District Council
  •  The behaviour of villagers or individual business people.  For these issues; contact the local police or Chiltern District Council depending on the issue.