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Join the Chamber of Commerce and benefit from the power of local businesses pulling together.  Since 1948 the Chamber of Commerce have protected the businesses and helped to make them thrive against other local, regional and national competition.  Although Chambers accross the country have been in steady decline our modern approach has seen the Chalfont St Peter Chamber of Commerce GROW over the same period!


When you join you can be as active as you choose to be.  Some members prefer to sit back and enjoy the benefits of the increased exposure to their local customers and enjoy the obvious benefits of their entry on , while others choose take be more involved.  We hold various events throughout the year where volunteers are MORE than welcome to lend a hand for a couple of hours here and there.  Or if you would liek to play an active role within the Chamber of Commerce you are more than welcome to attend our Committee Meetings which happen on a monthly basis.


Membership is priced at only £30 per annum and runs from 1st January.  At £2.50 a month you can’t really afford to say no!  If you are looking to sign up part way through the year you may see deals available to you (depending on the time of year) once you click the ‘Subscribe’ button found in the right hand panel, next to this text.


If you aren’t aware of what Keep It Local is all about then here is a bit more info for you:

Keep it Local is a new campaign powered by the Chalfont St Peter Chamber of Commerce. It is aimed at increasing trade for all businesses based in the area and serving the local community, through:

  • An online directory of all Chalfont St Peter businesses with simple and intuitive search facility. You can find the website at
  • Raising awareness among local residents of the campaign and therefore the volume and range of goods and services available, including email and printed newsletters, media spots, posters, window stickers, banners and business stationery.
  • “Word of mouth” marketing initiatives – encouraging businesses and residents to make the most of all opportunities to promote the campaign and local business; tapping into existing community networks such as local websites, church, school, sports, social and community groups.

This is an ongoing project – not just a one-off initiative. Although it is managed by volunteers, costs will be incurred and we also plan to employ appropriate local business people to help us achieve our aims and keep the campaign on track – for everyone. Therefore it needs funding to make it successful.

We would love to have your support and invite you to become a member of the Chamber of Commerce. I enclose an application form. All businesses – and there are around 500 of us – are listed for free on the Keep it Local website to provide the best and most meaningful search results for residents, but Chamber of Commerce members’ listings will be enhanced with much more information and working hyperlinks, and appear at the top of search results.

At only £2.50 a month membership is great value for money and there are plenty of other good reasons to become a member, including:

  • Provision of support, promotion, representation and advice
  • Regular updates and newsletters
  • A collective voice for local issues
  • Strong and influential relationships with the authorities such as County, District and Parish Councils and the Police.
  • Networking opportunities – both business and social. Some specific gatherings are arranged
  • Organised events to bring businesses and residents together such as the Summer Feast Day and Christmas Fun Night.
  • Availability of business resources through our membership of the Thames Valley Chambers of Commerce and other business groups.

We have a large, vibrant and active community in Chalfont St Peter and there are big opportunities to exploit it that businesses and residents can benefit from. I hope that you will want to be part of it.

I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any queries, please get in touch.

Nathan Mincham

President, Chalfont St Peter Chamber of Commerce
24 Market Place
Chalfont St Peter
01753 884041
07799 036540